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Prof. Alex Kot and Delegation of Nanyang Technological University Visits School of Modern Agricultural Sciences

/ 2016-05-11


OnMarch 10, 2016, a delegation led by Prof. Alex Kot and Associate Prof. MiaoChunYan of Nanyang Technological University, accompanied by Prof. Xing Wang Deng,visited School of Modern Agricultural Sciences (in preparation) of Peking University and held in-depth discussions on school development and modern agriculture, etc.

At 2 p.m., Prof. Alex Kot and his delegation arrived at the School and was first invitedby Prof. Xing Wang Deng for a visit to our laboratories, where Prof. Deng introduced the fields of research and achievements of professors of the School.In the crowded laboratories immersed in a bustling atmosphere, Prof. Deng said,not without a tinge of pride, that “the more advanced a laboratory is, the more you have to compete for the lab platform.”

Prof. DengXingwang started with an introduction of the historical background of School of Modern Agricultural Sciences, Peking University, which lasted a hundred years from the Department of Agricultural Sciences of Peking University in theearliest days to the launching of School of Modern Agricultural Sciences (in preparation),Peking University today. Prof. Deng then invited the delegation to his officefor conversations in greater depths on issues concerning school development,modern agriculture and agriculture-related issues in the modern society, etc.The visitors were amazed at Prof. Deng’s decision of resigning from permanent tenure in Yale University where he had been teaching for 22 years to return to China for full dedication to the development of School of Modern Agricultural Sciences, Peking University. Prof Deng announced his commitment, “I will notgive myself any chance to with draw. As the saying goes, one would fight to livewhen confronted with death, and I will devote my heart and soul for the School of Modern Agricultural Sciences!”

In the conversation, Prof. Deng Xingwang pointed out that the goal of School of Modern Agricultural Sciences was to connect modern agriculture with current social issues, with the research oriented towards China’s most urgent needs inagriculture, followed by a discussion with the delegation on food safety issuesin today’s society.